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Dear customers and friends of Colombia Private Tours by

With the confidence that all of you and your families are very well amid the uncertainty of this difficult pandemic, our team wants to greet you by sending a message of hope and optimism to all of you.

As surely many of you will have heard during our tourist experiences, “Medellín is a city with a resilient population, which has been formed and strengthened from adversity.” Those who have known and been part of the history of our tourism entrepreneurship company also know that challenges and adversity have been the basis of the growth achieved. May this be the moment to make the world a better place to live together, trying to make of ourselves better after we overcome this unfortunate, but at the same time enriching, world experience.

We also know and appreciate the love and trust that you have placed in us. Your messages of support and solidarity have come strongly to further encourage us to move forward. That is why now, in the face of this situation that is hitting our labor sector hard, we are here to tell you with great faith and enthusiasm, that from the past we retain the experience to continue improving. From the present, we assume with humility and strength the challenges that we have. And in the face of the future that confronts us all without exception, we project ourselves with the clear teaching to the entire world that the only thing we have is the now. So now we cannot stop dreaming, fighting and persevering. Giving up is not an option, on the contrary, we accept and understand the current global situation as an opportunity for renewal and rearrangement of the order of things to reinvent ourselves in new social and market scenarios in which we want to have all your valuable support and at the same time confirm that we are here and will be to continue with all our efforts and love for what we do. Actually, during this time we are working on some ideas that help us, and you as well, to go through the quarantine by taking advantage of the free time and turning it into something productive. Soon we will let you all know about it.


We say goodbye with a see you soon and a phrase to keep in mind now and always…


William “Willi” and our team from Colombia Private Tours by

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Willi zeigte uns an einem Tag auf sehr persönliche Art die Sonnen- und die Schattenseiten Medellins. Zudem hörten wir viel über die Geschichte der Stadt. Höhepunkte waren die Plaza Botero, die fantastischen Murales, der Besuch eines lokalen Marktes und die Fahrt mit Tram und Gondelbahn (Cable)zu den Armenvierteln. Willi nennt sich "the Best Guide in Medellin". Das weiss er auch und vermutlich ist er es auch. Wenn Sie persönliche Wünsche während der Führung haben, müssen Sie dies sehr deutlich sagen. Loskilchis - Zúrich, Suiza
This tour was the best tour of Colombia we have EVER been on! We went to many places that he recommended such as a secluded restaurant which was so good because we love going to places that aren’t well known! We also went El Penol which was so much fun because of the views. We visited many places in Medellin such as the city where we all got to ride the metro cable which was full of amazing views; while on the cable car William gave us a very detailed history on the cities we were passing over. It was clear he knew what he was doing on this tour, there was never a point where we were lost or confused about anything. My family and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a private all inclusive tour. Ana Correaana
Estuvimos del 1 al 4 de setiembre del 2016, en Medellin ,y fuimos atendidos por el señor Willian, el cual consideramos un verdadero Paisa, ya que el orgullo y satisfacción que siente de ser colombiano , motiva a cualquier persona , conocimos bastante de la geografía e historia de Medellin, gracias la amabilidad y gentiliza del señor Willian, y como decimos nosotros es un PAISA enamorado de su ciudad ,gracias señor Willian usted es de las personas que hacen ver un Colombia bonito, servicial, siga adelante saludos familia Meza Rodrigo M - San José, Costa Rica
Hemos tenido dos experiencias padrisimas con el Y además de un muy buen servicio como guía turístico es super servicial ya que yo tuve un problema de salud e inmediatamente se prestó a llevarme a los servicios médicos por eso cuando volvimos a Medellín volvimos con willi y cada que volvamos así será. Monica Mendoza H - Los Reyes, México
Encontramos la referencia de William a través de las recomendaciones dadas por otras personas en TripAdvisor. No nos defraudaron. Willian tiene amplio conocimiento de su hermoso país y una gran habilidad para transmitirlo de una manera amena y divertida. Disfrutamos muchísimo los tours contratados y prometimos volver. Sin duda buscaremos a William nuevamente. Pura Vida!!! Patricia Elena M - Costa Rica
"We hired Willie on the second day of our trip, and couldn’t have been recommended a better guide of Medillin. We got to not only see and experience so much of this amazing place but he also gave us such great information and was so genuine and friendly the whole time. He also let us customize our tour and basically choose a list of different things and work our way around doing it, which was awesome! I will be going back again in the future and will definitely be using his services again and recommending him to any friends who plan to visit." Jacob J
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Medellin (City tour options)

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