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Medellin, Colombia, South America

Some of our

most popular tours

Basic fishing: Suitable for those who like the subject, do not know much, but enjoy the natural environment.
Ceramics, landscape and flavors: The most noble, sweet and heartfelt hands, of a beautiful paisa potter, will welcome and instruct you in this ancient art.
Combination of city themes oriented to those of your greatest interest according to all the tours we offer, or whatever you want.
Landscaping and rural photography: Adapted according to the preferences and possibilities of the photographer.
Markets, fruits and vegetables: Taking care of you, your safety and well-being, we test and understand the local cuisine, in a healthy and safe way.…
Villages of the Near East: Ideal to let yourself be infected by the warmth of the inhabitants of our villages, above the mountains and find…
Villages of the nearby north: Known as the milk route, or Antioquia Switzerland for its geography, landscapes of life, peace and green are part of…
Villages in the near south: Adapted For those who, without going too far, want to enjoy the coffee and Andean landscape.
Ornithology Walks (Pajareadas): We love this activity, we are not experts of the “Ornithology Society”, but we know where to go to see the birds…
Route of flowers, flavors, stories and landscapes: Tour through varied landscapes, with flower crops that are intertwined with typical places that speak of our history…
Santa Fe de Antioquia: Optimal destination for those who love religious and colonial architecture, who also like the warm and humid climate, surrounded by history…
Shopping: We accompany you to make the purchases you want, in the best places, according to your taste and budget.
Urban and graffiti art and art tour: Medellín is an open-air museum and this tour is an opportunity to explore it.
Walking Trails: Activity more recreational than sports and adjusted according to the level of difficulty appropriate for each person.
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